Brett McLaughlin
Thou Church Shall Resumeth
19 Aug
That's right, The Church will resume and Pastor Manic Mac aka Brett and Lady Luscious Liz aka Elizabeth will return tomorrow Sunday 20th Aug 2017 live at 5pm for more great music chat fun frolics and bants. Thou shalt not misseth thy show.
Edd Keeley
Dave Roberts Returns
24 Jul
After a period of non broadcasting we are delighted to welcome the return of Dave to A1. More news soon.
Planet Texas Is Back
04 Jun
We are delighted to welcome PT back to the airwaves. Live every Friday and Saturday night from midnight to 3AM (GMT). The talk shows of all talk shows is back exclusively here on A1.
Brett McLaughlin
The Church Is Almost In Session
16 May
Join The Right Hon. Rev Manic Mac with his occasional side "chick" Pastor Luscious Legs 11 Liz for some heavenly tunes, variety from the vaults and fresh hits from the fridge, great music from the 60s till now, plus awesome mashups remixes chat and more STARTS THIS SUNDAY 21ST MAY AT 5PM
Daniel Marcus
Back In Stock
06 May
Hooray! After a break DJ Battenburg is back on the airwaves with his Fever Dream. Every other Wednesday night at 10pm tune in for an amazing show crammed full of amazing songs.
Chris Muzzall
New Show!!
24 Feb
We know that like us, you too have missed Muzzy on the airwaves. Well, he is now back with a bang with the Big Bam Warmup Show every Friday at 8pm. It's a show packed full of the best music hand selected by Muzzy, mixed in with your requests and it's a sure fire hit. Join him every Friday at 8pm.
Jonathan Sawyer
New Show - New Time
24 Feb
Well, after continuous heckling Jonathan has moved to primetime. A brand new late evening Saturday show from Jonathan and Tom Haley bring music, entertainment and more (What else is there?!). Join them live on Saturday nights at 10pm.
Dave Francis
Eclectic goes Weekly!!!
24 Feb
Our Dave has gone so eclectic, that his show is now weekly. This gives him even more time to play music from the widest spectrum of styles! Join him on the new day of Mondays at 10pm.
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