Darren Charles


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Unearthing Forgotten Horrors - Tue 29th Sep at 19:00

Darren is a relative newcomer to radio having started little over a year ago on Basic FM with his show Unearthing Forgotten Horrors.

He spends much of his free time listening to music, mainly obscure horror movie soundtracks, weird electronica, doom metal, post punk, occult tinged folk and psychedelia and is a big fan of horror cinema.

Darren is also known for his work with horror/drone/noise acts The Dead End Street Band and The Equestrian Vortex.

'Unearthing Forgotten Horrors' is an hour-long delve into the darker recesses of the musical underworld. A chance to immerse yourself in obscure horror soundtracks, dark drones, weird electronica, crazed kosmiche and some of the most abhorrent and twisted psychedelia ever committed to vinyl, CD or cassette.

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