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Dave Francis


Upcoming Live and New Shows:
A1 Breakfast Show - Sun 8th Aug at 08:00
Music Becomes Eclectic - Tue 10th Aug at 22:00

Dave was exposed to music and radio from the very beginning. Family legend states his mum and midwife welcomed him into the world with a rousing rendition of Winifred Atwell's "Let's Have a Party" - the No.1 single at the time in December 1954... Yes, he’s that old!

As the years passed Dave spent Saturdays and school holidays in his dad's Radio & TV Shop in Birmingham, so by osmosis Dave learnt how to fix them when they broke! At the same time he built up his knowledge and love of all kinds of music through various outlets including hosting school discos, youth club bashes and church fetes mostly because he had access to the equipment and a screwdriver. Using his DJ persona Dave tried to live down the geek image and to improve his street cred and ability to pull the ladies (at which he singularly failed).

Finally, as the years rolled on, the thought of endless nights on the road doing the DJ wedding and birthday party 'thing' wasn't for him (especially after the incident at the Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes in Northampton in 1972) so he changed his name and turned to radio broadcasting. He's sure he'll get it right one day.....

Dave Francis presents an eclectic mix of genres and blends them into two hours of relaxing, thoughtful and just plainly outstanding music.... Less talk, more music. Music Becomes Eclectic ranges from 1930s Blues right up to contemporary artists of today and is the perfect medium to transport the listener into a world where only the very best music from the very best artists will be heard and maybe the occasional film clip.

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