Edd Keeley


Upcoming Live and New Shows:
The Music Vault - Wed 30th Sep at 20:00

Edd is the station owner, having founded it in 2011. He presents 'The Music Vault' on alternate Wednesdays and can often be heard fronting the Sunday Selection.

Edd has been involved in broadcasting his entire professional life, both in TV and Radio. He hopes you enjoy both his shows and the station, he says "There is bound to be a show that is right up your street".

Please e-mail Edd with any feedback on the station at

The Music Vault puts you in control of the fate of the music you hear. Songs are taken from both Edd's selection and your requests, and get voted on: Hit, Miss or Kill?! Be Careful though - one kill, and Edd will stop the song wherever it is playing!

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