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John Hunter


Upcoming Live and New Shows:
The 6-2-8 Show - Sat 7th Aug at 18:00
Tuesday Night Live - Tue 17th Aug at 20:00

I was born in Birmingham, more years ago than I care to admit, and moved to Blackpool when I was about 10 years old, lured to the seaside by the promise of fresh air, fun, and as much fish and chips and candy floss as I could eat.

Always interested in radio, I used my trusty Grundig TK18L reel-to-reel tape machine to record pop music off the radio (usually by just sticking the microphone in front of the speaker!) and then trying to guess when the presenter would start talking so that I could turn the volume down and do my own DJ patter in between the records instead. Despite the huge advances in technology, I guess I’m still doing pretty much the same thing today!

I joined my local hospital radio station in 1979, thinking this would be my first step on a glittering career in broadcasting, but somehow ended up staying there for over 30 years, helping manage it through some good and bad times. Joining A1Radio is my first foray into the world of internet radio, and it’s great to be broadcasting to people who don’t have to be ill to listen to me!

On 'The 6-2-8 Show' expect to hear everything from ELO, the Traveling Wilburys (or any other band with Jeff Lynne in it!) to the one-hit wonders and forgotten classics that don’t get played on mainstream radio nowadays, along with a few mystery instrumentals and a bit of comedy too!

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