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Upcoming Live and New Shows:
Joolz On The Radio - Tue 24th May at 22:00
Early Weekend Show - Fri 27th May at 17:00

Like many people I started off life as a mobile DJ in the late 70s early 80s, eventually working for one of the national entertainment agencies. I supported many of the Radio 1 DJs of the day and worked alongside many pop artists in the 80s. A chance meeting in 1987 with one of these artists took me in a different direction, still connected with the entertainment industry but this time from a technical viewpoint. The rest they as they say is history but I have never forgotten my beginnings.

Heavily influenced by Laser 558 back in 84-85 I wanted to get into radio but as mentioned above the world took me in another direction, but here I am now on A1 Radio. I want to expand listener interaction but above all keep the music playing. I have a love music which is quite diverse and wide, however well documented is my love of 'Disco' so you will be sure to hear some great 'Wiggle' tunes when you tune in.

Join me for The 'Early Weekend Show' on Fridays from 5pm, an early weekend welcome with some great music playing anything from the 60s 70s 80s and 90s - actually, anything that sounds good while you get ready for the weekend. Also featuring 12” of pleasure at 6pm where I play your requested 12”/remix/extended version of your favourite record. Also I will do the intro quiz ... 3 song intros in quick succession but who are the bands?!

Feel free to email me anytime at if you want a mention or request.

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