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Kitty Opal


Kitty initially ventured behind the microphone as a child, creating radio shows with her brother, a microphone and a tape recorder (She is thrilled to say that those tapes have since been lost to time!).

However it was a McFly podcast at 16 that really got her voice out into the world. Following this in 2013, Kitty shared her passion of unsigned music through the imaginatively named The Kitty Opal Show which brought her to A1 Radio initially.

Unable to stay away from the microphone for too long, Kitty is back to share another passion, books!

The Cosy Book Nook focuses on the written (and sometimes spoken) word. With readings from authors and poets, book reviews and more the show is a treasure chest of gems. However some would argue that the most important part of this show is you the listener. The Cosy Book Nook is a two way street and Kitty wants to hear your books loves and woes and share in your creativity. So come and join her in The Cosy Book Nook.

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