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Martyn Foxx


Upcoming Live and New Shows:
Saturday Breakfast Show - Sat 7th Aug at 08:00
Sequins Not Required - Mon 9th Aug at 18:00
Foxxy Fursday - Thu 12th Aug at 18:00

Hi, I'm... wait, what does the Foxx say?!

I'm Foxxy and I've been interested in radio ever since I was a child creating my own radio shows using my little radio cassette player and messing about with audio. It amused me back then and still does now, just using different technology. I went on to do some presenting for a time on Xpress FM, which led me to Tulip Radio, where I was flung into the manic world of LIVE radio after only having dabbled in pre-recorded shows.

Now, armed with an eclectic taste in music, an eccentric style of presenting, a love of everything silly, surreal, oddball and an overwhelming urge to get Jeff on air as much as I possibly can (no matter how much he dislikes it), I present absurdly confuddling shows that bring you whacky comedy, introduce you to fantastic new music and fill your earholes with lashings of superb classic tracks that your brain will thank you for later!

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