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Upcoming Live and New Shows:
Rhodders & Stuart on Hospital Radio - Sat 23rd Jan at 10:00
Late Show - Sat 23rd Jan at 22:00

Rhodders is an award winning radio presenter, comedian and podcaster.

He is a rare concoction of sarcasm and silliness. Leave logic at the door and allow this anarchic eccentric to show you the world from his peculiar perch.

Despite years of experience on both commercial and hospital radio, he is still prone to pressing the wrong button!

Join Rhodders for his show which he describes as 'a mix of great music, fun features, upbeat chat with the odd bit of post modernist surrealism which aims to examine our existential dread.' Got a request? You can get your song played by taking part in various games such as 'Record Breaker Or Record Faker!'

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