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At The Movies - Fri 29th Jan at 19:00

Hi, I’m Robin. I had the pleasure of hosting 'At The Movies' for 5 years on Preston FM with my friend Mark. We had some great times, and you never know he may pop up from time to time again on the show.

My love of radio comes from my Grandad, who used to listen to the world service all through the night (at full blast) but lying there as a kid listening to stories from across the globe I became hooked on radio.

I am married with two kids and they unfortunately have to put up with my ever expanding sci-fi memorabilia collection and me gabbing on about how great Hans Zimmer is...

On 'At the Movies' we will bring you some of the best movie soundtracks ever made in our feature called Movie Score. Also, we'll see if you can guess the line from the movie on “Whose Line is it Anyway?”. I will also discuss what’s hot and what’s not in films and bring you the latest Hollywood Gossip. We will also be interviewing people who work behind the scenes and other like minded film buffs.

So if you're into movies and everything Hollywood then At The Movies is the show for you.

Get involved on the At The Movies Facebook Page where you can choose the theme of the next show. It would be great to hear from you!

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