About A1Radio

A1Radio is an online radio station playing a varied mix of the best music on the net. Our shows cover a wide range of genres and, due to the unique way we work, if we are not playing the type of music you like it is often possible to request anything you like!

We have DJs from many backgrounds, a number of whom work in the broadcast industry.

We don't pretend to be any bigger than we are but have a general ethos of fun for both listener and DJ alike. Our live chatroom allows the listener to interact with the DJ, creating a unique experience. Our shows are greatly varied, which means you won't find it difficult to find something to listen to. There are no advertisements to wade through and on most shows, you get to choose what you listen to!

The broadcast centre is in Cambridgeshire in the UK with all feeds coming into our main transmission studio. Presenters are based all over the country and most of them broadcast live.

History of A1Radio

A1Radio's origins go back to a weekly show broadcast on Saturday nights by station owner, Edd Keeley.

At the time he was broadcasting a show on Radio 590 (Peterborough Hospital Radio) when a former radio colleague introduced him to internet broadcasting back in 2011. Edd soon left Radio 590 to start broadcasting on Saturday nights only under the original show name, 'The Edd Keeley Show'. Before too long a 24-hour playlist was put on air and a very poor website created. Within a month, enough DJs had been recruited to offer live shows nearly every night of the week. A venture was started to create a Dance music based station called A1Radio Dance but due to various difficulties this was taken down after a couple of months. Next up was A1 80s, launched as a sister station to A1. Whilst not live it did prove popular with good listener figures. At the same time we launched A1 Xtra, which provided repeats of the live shows from A1Radio.

As you can imagine, things started to become messy and very difficult to organise so the decision was made to scrap A1 80s and Xtra and take the features that worked well and amalgamate them into A1Radio.

We have continued to add more great DJs to A1 and a huge amount of work behind the scenes has meant that we have some of the most sophisticated systems on internet radio!

What Next for A1Radio?

Our aim is to make A1Radio even bigger and better than ever before whilst keeping what makes it special intact. To do this we are looking for support from all areas.

You can get involved with A1Radio by liking our Facebook page, following our X (Twitter) page or joining in the chat on our live shows. In addition, we are always looking for DJs to play at any time of day.

If you are interested in helping out in any way please let us know by e-mailing studio@a1radio.co.uk.