Photo of DJ Bazza


I am a first time radio presenter but I have DJed in a club from the age of 18, which was a long, long time ago, for about 10 years. This was in the 1990s before superstar DJs really existed. I did every role there including barman, glass collector and sometimes DJed. I have wide and varied taste in music anything from rock, Indie to cheesy pop. However I have always loved synth based pop and dance music. My other passions are going out and seeing live music and anything bicycle related. I may ramble on about my last bike ride!

Join me for my show 'Electric Wave' where I will be playing an upbeat mix of 1980s and 1990s Electronica. This would include genres such as New Romantics, New Wave, any synth based Pop such as Yazoo and The Communards, going into dance and club music from those eras. Basically a decent club mix of old favourites to wake you up on a Sunday afternoon.

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