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Yorkshire born, played drums, played music. First disco as a DJ was in 1968, although the kit was rather rudimentary, it worked... Does anyone have parts for a Garrard SP25?

First hospital radio broadcast was in 1970, and continued nightclub and mobile DJ work until the early 90s. Got fed up of lugging stuff round (pre CD/MP3 days), so decided to stick with sitting down in a studio. Involved in hospital radio and ran Preston FM for nearly 4 years and am a trained trainer in broadcast and radio.

That said, after all this time I still enjoy music radio and insist it should be fun, and whilst I always believe the best is yet to come I await the new punk-style revolution, something to make us sit up and stay "wow, I didn’t see that coming" ... sorry not you Mr Cowell ... Have fun, fantastic, put 'kettle on mother.

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