Station Schedule

Schedule is based on UK time. Please note that the schedule is subject to change, however the schedule here is live and reflects any known changes.

Regular Slots

Updated Friday 12th July 2024 17:56:20
  • 12:00am80s ClubAlan HeneryVirtual
  • 4:00amSaturday Night InSteve FranklinReplay
  • 6:00amSunday Night ShufflePaul ClinchReplay
  • 8:00amClassic Funk & Soul FlashbackGavin ScofieldReplay
  • 10:00amABC of MusicDave ChambersPre-Recorded
  • 12:00pmThe Bode ShowSimon BodeReplay
  • 2:00pmMemory LaneGeorge McDowellReplay
  • 4:00pmSoul TrainDave ChambersReplay
  • 6:00pmRockensteinJett TylerReplay
  • Alt 8:00pmThe 70s JukeboxAlan HeneryLive Show
  • Alt 10:00pmThe Monday Late ShowWexham WolfLive Show
  • Alt 8:00pmChill ZoneSteve FranklinLive Show
  • Alt 10:00pmLate Night LoveWexham WolfLive Show
  • 12:00amChillAlan HeneryVirtual
  • 4:00amA1 Retro RewindPaul ClinchReplay
  • 6:00amSoul TrainDave ChambersReplay
  • 8:00amThe Loud LoungeJoolzReplay
  • 10:00amMusic Becomes EclecticDave FrancisReplay
  • 12:00pmRockensteinJett TylerReplay
  • 2:00pmAt The MoviesRobin RidgleyReplay
  • 3:00pmCountry HourGeorge McDowellReplay
  • 4:00pmThe Friday FiXXXJonathan CreaserReplay
  • Alt 6:00pmThe Adam Humphreys ShowAdam HumphreysLive Show
  • Alt 8:00pmTuesday Night LiveJohn HunterLive Show
  • Alt 10:00pmJoolz On The RadioJoolzLive Show
  • Alt 6:00pmThe Adam Humphreys ShowAdam HumphreysReplay
  • Alt 8:00pmThe Loud LoungeJoolzLive Show
  • Alt 10:00pmMusic Becomes EclecticDave FrancisLive Show
  • 12:00amNo.1sAlan HeneryVirtual
  • 4:00amThe Rock ShowKevin HylandReplay
  • 6:00amThe Adam Humphreys ShowAdam HumphreysReplay
  • 8:00amTuesday Night LiveJohn HunterReplay
  • 10:00amThe 70s JukeboxAlan HeneryReplay
  • 12:00pmThe Bode ShowSimon BodeReplay
  • 2:00pmAfternoon DelightPaul ClinchPre-Recorded
  • 4:00pmLate Afternoon ShowGeorge McDowellLive Show
  • 6:00pmSynth CityNewcie JonPre-Recorded
  • Alt 8:00pmRant N RavePaul & DaveLive Show
  • Alt 10:00pmThe Psychedelic Fever DreamDaniel MarcusLive Show
  • Alt 8:00pmRant N RavePaul & DaveLive Show
  • 12:00amFabulous 50sAlan HeneryVirtual
  • 2:00amA1 Stateside LIVEAdrian MuzzallLive Show
  • 4:00amThe 6-2-8 ShowJohn HunterReplay
  • 6:00amRant N RavePaul & DaveReplay
  • 8:00amMemory LaneGeorge McDowellReplay
  • 10:00amThe Rock ShowKevin HylandReplay
  • 12:00pmThe Bode ShowSimon BodeReplay
  • 2:00pmThe Sunday ServiceEdd KeeleyReplay
  • 4:00pmThe 70s JukeboxAlan HeneryReplay
  • Alt 6:00pmClassic Funk & Soul FlashbackGavin ScofieldLive Show
  • 8:00pmMemory LaneGeorge McDowellLive Show
  • 10:00pmA1 Retro RewindPaul ClinchLive Show
  • Alt 6:00pmSounds of the 60s, 70s & 80sGavin ScofieldReplay
  • 12:00amJazz ClubAlan HeneryVirtual
  • 4:00amClassic Funk & Soul FlashbackGavin ScofieldReplay
  • 6:00amDC's Old Record ClubDave ChambersReplay
  • 8:00amSynth CityNewcie JonReplay
  • 10:00amABC of MusicDave ChambersPre-Recorded
  • 12:00pmThe Loud LoungeJoolzReplay
  • 2:00pmCountry HourRobin RidgleyReplay
  • 3:00pmAt The MoviesRobin RidgleyReplay
  • Alt 4:00pmSounds of the 60s, 70s & 80sGavin ScofieldReplay
  • 6:00pmThe Weekend Starts HereGareth EdwardsLive Show
  • 8:00pmThe Bode ShowSimon BodeLive Show
  • 10:00pmThe Friday FiXXXJonathan CreaserReplay
  • Alt 4:00pmSounds of the 60s, 70s & 80sGavin ScofieldLive Show
  • 12:00amDC's Old Record ClubDave ChambersReplay
  • 2:00am60s SelectionAlan HeneryVirtual
  • 4:00amABC of MusicDave ChambersReplay
  • 6:00amLate Afternoon ShowGeorge McDowellReplay
  • 8:00amSaturday BreakfastMartyn FoxxPre-Recorded
  • 10:00amDC's Old Record ClubDave ChambersPre-Recorded
  • 12:00pmRockensteinJett TylerPre-Recorded
  • 2:00pmRock RenaissanceDave ChambersPre-Recorded
  • 4:00pmCountry HourGeorge McDowellReplay
  • 5:00pmAt The MoviesRobin RidgleyPre-Recorded
  • 6:00pmThe 6-2-8 ShowJohn HunterLive Show
  • 8:00pmSaturday Night InSteve FranklinLive Show
  • 10:00pmLate ShowWexham WolfLive Show
  • 12:00amClassical ClubAlan HeneryVirtual
  • 4:00amSynth CityNewcie JonReplay
  • 6:00amThe 6-2-8 ShowJohn HunterReplay
  • 8:00amA1 Breakfast ShowDave FrancisLive Show
  • 10:00amAt The MoviesRobin RidgleyReplay
  • 11:00amThe Adam Humphreys ShowAdam HumphreysReplay
  • 1:00pmSoul TrainDave ChambersPre-Recorded
  • 3:00pmThe Rock ShowKevin HylandLive Show
  • 5:00pmElectric WaveDJ BazzaLive Show
  • 7:00pmCountry HourGeorge McDowellLive Show
  • 8:00pmThe Sunday ServiceJoolzLive Show
  • 10:00pmSunday Night ShufflePaul ClinchLive Show
* Shows listed with 'Alt' are alternating, the show listed first is on in the current week, the second in the following week